Why You Should Start Doing Yoga Now

There are many different kinds of yoga. Some involve simple stretching and poses, while others may have movements, syllabicated chants, or other components added by unconventional styles. However, all kinds of yoga begin in a meditative phase. The goal of the meditation is to first clear the mind. This opens a safe space for self-reflection. Proper breathing and posture are required to keep you alert and aware.

  • Ashtanga and Vinsaya involve breathing techniques that help improve focus and physical coordination of breathing and movement pacing. These types of yoga would be good for both beginners and more advanced practitioners.
  • Hatha is a good choice for beginners as it involves basic yoga movement and poses. In this type of yoga, you can do the poses at your own pace as you master the movements.
  • Bikram or hot yoga is facilitated in a heated room. The controlled temperature is believed to keep the practitioners focused, make the body more flexible, and to help in detoxification.
  • Kundalini also involves poses, but it uses a more philosophical approach. This type of yoga makes you aware of the energy flowing through your mind and body. Kundalini makes use of a combination of meditation, breathing techniques, and chanting.
  • Kripalu makes use of meditation to work towards self-empowerment. It also gives you all the other benefits of doing a Hatha type of yoga. It is a gentle practice that involves the three-part technique of “following the flow.”
  • Restorative Yoga is a good practice for those who wish to do a mental cleanse and experience psychological rejuvenation. It makes use of a meditative approach in doing yoga.
  • Iyengar and Anusara are poses that focuses on meticulously maintaining the poses. While the poses are done in succession and in careful, guided motions, each pose is held of a longer period of time. Props are used for this type of yoga. Anusara is the gentler and upbeat version of the challenging Iyengar.
  • Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga is known for its benefits in regulating a healthy metabolism and getting a fitter physique. It focuses more on the physical aspect of yoga rather than on the meditative and spiritual aspect.
  • Prenatal or Maternity Yoga are for those who are pregnant. This type of yoga helps train the body to stay fit. It also helps prepare the body to manage the pain during childbirth.

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