Why You Should Include Tomato Into Your “Skin Food” and Natural Ways to Use It For Your Skin


  • Application of tomato juice and lemon juice can also help close open pores which may be a source of dirt accumulation on the face, causing pimples.
  • Having sunburns can be a painful situation, and not to mention the damages on the skin.  Pureeing frozen tomatoes and applying them directly to the sunburnt areas can help alleviate the pain of the sunburn as well as reduce inflammation.
  • Adding yogurt will add a soothing effect, as well as help in balancing the skin’s pH and help restore the skin’s natural barrier in no time.
  • For oily skin, tomato and cucumber mixture (either juice or pureed) can aid in cleansing pores and reducing oil production of the skin, keeping skin less greasy and fresh.
  • A mixture of tomato pulp, oatmeal and yogurt can be an effective pack or face mask for a fairer looking skin.

Whether consumed by diet or by direct application, tomatoes are indeed something to be considered as a “super fruit”.