What To Do When You’re Having A Terrible Migraine

massive-migrainesHaving a stressful day at work is one thing. But having a migraine while working is really terrible. A migraine is an intense headache that is caused by varying factors. The most common causes are physical stress, lack of sleep, high blood pressure, and intake of salty foods. Migraines are so intense that for some, it could debilitate their movements – hindering them from going about their daily habits such as running, cooking, or simply running errands. Because of that, they are unable to go to the local drugstore and purchase OTC medications in order to quell the pain.

However, there are alternatives that are quite non-traditional, so to speak, but oftentimes effective. These alternatives are tried and tested herbal remedies that can subdue the pain and even prevent the migraine. They can be made from practically anything in the kitchen, garden, or even the local alternative grocer.

Here are a few tried and tested herbal remedies that can be made in a few minutes. These remedies can help you or anyone you know overcome this common, but debilitating, nuisance.