Top 9 Health Benefits of Cinnamon

cinnamonsticksby-jmiltenburgCinnamon is a spice obtained from the branches of several trees that belong to the genus “Cinnamomum”. Cinnamon is available either in a dried tubular form or as a ground powder. It is chiefly grown in Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Cinnamon comes in different types, but only a few varieties are grown for commercial purposes. Cassia Cinnamon, which is used mainly in Canada and in the USA, is its main variety. It is cheap, spicy and has a nice fragrance. It is also best for recipes that need a distinct cinnamon taste.

Cinnamon used to be a highly priced spice and has been widely used due to its medicinal benefits for hundred of years already.

Here are nine of the many health benefits of cinnamon: