Top 5 Herbs to Improve Memory and Brain Function (With A Brain Enhancer Tincture Recipe)

872ebf1a-f283-4d97-8dae-51870594886aDo you often walk into rooms only to forget what you were going there for? Having trouble remembering details or appointments that otherwise were once no-brainers to recall?  Do you ever wonder if you are losing your mind? You probably are not. Stress, a hectic life style, and simply having too much to remember all contribute to short-term memory loss, a condition known as CRA:  Can’t Remember…Anything.

Whatever the reason, if your once sharp mental processes now seem sluggish and foggy, you might be tempted to reach for a sugary snack or highly caffeinated drink as a quick pick-me-up.  Unfortunately, this is only a short term fix that will leave you feeling more befuddled than before. Instead, try one of the following all-natural herbal memory minders to stimulate recall, mental alertness, and concentration.