Top 12 Ways – Detox the Right Way and Get Ultimate Benefits

9.Bask in the sun or take a sauna bath. Sweating during cleansing allows the body to detox internally and externally because it opens up pores. The heat in saunas deeply penetrate the layers of skin, and this in turn leads to the quick removal of toxins. If you’d bask in natural sunlight, on the other hand, you’ll get to produce lots of vitamin D while relaxing your mind, boosting immunity, and deep cleansing the skin.

10.Dry brush before taking shower. Dry brushing stimulates lymphatic fluid movement below the surface of the skin. So before taking a shower, get a brush with light bristles and brush it on your body in circular motion. Start with your feet and brush upwards until you reach your chest. Then start again from your neck, gradually moving down. Doing this removes dead skin while opening up your pores before showering.

11.Install a good shower filter. Don’t assume that you’ll be at your cleanest just by taking a shower. Tap water in your shower contains environmental pollutants and chlorine (which is intentionally added to the water supply). If you invest in the best shower filter, you can avoid these contaminants especially during your detox. Getting a good shower filter will surely benefit your skin’s health, and it’ll also make your hair shinier and more vibrant.