Top 12 Ways – Detox the Right Way and Get Ultimate Benefits

7.Load up with healthy fats and protein. When you eat a healthy diet that has the right amounts of fat and protein, you can easily regulate your blood sugar level. This is important in detox cleansing because it prevents spike in your stress hormones. Eat organic poultry, beef, eggs, butter, olive oil, and olives to prepare yourself before cleansing. Also, proteins and fats combined with herbs and veggies can boost your immune system, allowing for a more tolerable detox period.

8.Don’t forget to get enough carbs. The best way to prevent mood swings, stress, and cravings is to your stabilize blood sugar level while doing a detox. Complex and even simple carbohydrates can stimulate stress hormones. Therefore, you need to limit your carb intake to succeed in your cleansing fast. Prepare yourself by following a low carbohydrate diet for three days prior to starting your detoxification program.