Top 10 Worst Skin Care Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid



5. Over Exfoliating is a Big No

You may read beauty tips that say exfoliating is one of the best remedies for fighting the signs of aging, but over exfoliating can damage the skin. Yes, exfoliating the skin once or twice a month is helpful for getting rid of dead skin cells and roughness, and this can help reduce signs of aging, but too much cause the skin to become red and raw. When the skin becomes red and raw it means the top layer of skin is damaged leaving the bottom layer exposed to harsh elements that can further damage or irritate it. Bacteria, dirt and oil are more capable of entering damaged skin easier causing infections, acne and rashes that leave you feeling unsightly. So, if you are going to exfoliate, do it once or twice a month with an all-natural nourishing sugar scrub. One you can make at home involves a cup of granulated sugar, ¼ cup of olive oil and a tablespoon of citrus juice.

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6. Don’t Pop Zits

Yes, zits are awful looking and feeling, but popping them should never be a solution to help speed up their recovery. Doing so can cause damage to the skin that allows bacteria to seep deep beneath the skins surface and cause infections and more zits. Applying tea tree oil to the zit is a better method for helping rid the blemishes away faster.