The Health Debate on Egg Cholesterol

Eggs in the market today are now enriched with omega-3. Farmers feed their chickens with a special kind of formula that enriches the eggs that they lay. Look for those.

Store eggs in the refrigerator. There are rising concerns for salmonella. The bacteria live on raw food, so make sure that you get rid of any cracked eggs in the fridge.

Leave out the yolk when cooking them if it’s a concern. The white has more than enough protein and vitamins. You might be missing out on some other health benefits, though.

Use vegetable oil such as canola or olive oil when frying eggs. It won’t help your cholesterol if they are swimming in butter.

There are healthier alternatives for eggs. Vegetarians and vegans substitute them with tofu. Chia seeds in oatmeal also help in delaying hunger in the morning.

Eggs are not villains. They are an affordable way to get some nutrients for your body. It benefits the mind and muscle by giving them what they need to work.

Reports show that children who are eating eggs on a regular basis show no signs of stunted growth.

Eggs also suit the busy life. They are cheap, easy to prepare, and quick to eat. Put it on toast and serve with coffee.

Seize the day.