The Amazing Lemon Balm: Health Benefits and Natural Ways to Use

5.Improve your mood and relieve stress by using lemon balm as a room freshener.

Get a bunch of lemon balm leaves and dry them. Once dry, crush the leaves to make potpourri. Place the dried leaves in a strategic part of the room so the aroma can fill the room. You can make a minty, lemony air freshener by boiling fresh balm leaves in water and using the mixture as a spray.

Knowing that lemon balm leaves are tasty, aromatic and have medicinal benefits may inspire you to grow your own. Lemon balm can thrive in home gardens. The herb bed should be sandy loam or clay that has a pH level of 6 to 7. You can sow the seeds indoors or in an outside bed. Within two to three weeks after planting, you will see shoots come out. After about ten weeks, the plants will be full-grown. You can use fresh leaves or harvest them to dry for later use.