The Amazing Lemon Balm: Health Benefits and Natural Ways to Use

Incredible Health Benefits

Health values attributed to the use of lemon balm include relief from discomfort, improved bodily resistance to diseases, and reduced stress. The sweet fragrance of lemon balm oil will relax your mind and body. Taking lemon balm supplements will help you curb sleeplessness, soothe tired nerves and ease anxiety. But even as lemon balm helps you to relax, it also enhances your alertness and puts you in a positive mood.

You can get a load of antioxidants from lemon balm. The antioxidants eugenol, caffeic acid, ferulic acid, rosmarinic acid and p-coumaric acid in lemon balm helps enhance your brain health, keeps your immune system healthy, and shields your cells from free radicals. With a healthy brain, you develop sharper memory and improve your problem-solving skills. Likewise, when your body is loaded with antioxidants, you help your liver stay strong and healthy. Other health benefits include: improved appetite, normal levels of blood sugar, and fresher and younger-looking skin.