Slimming Down the Spicy Way

111020031638-spices-powder-gallery-horizontal-large-galleryUntil lately, I’ve never known that the fiery spices I love could burn down fats. I have always thought they were simply palatable and healthy, of the tasteful kind.

In India, where spices are commonplace, almost every household, street and restaurant is heaped and stocked with supplies of spices. Dishes are served and eaten with curries, peppers, and chili to add bursts of flavor to otherwise bland meals. A scoopful or two, a pinch here and there, and dinners of kebabs and lambs are sure to be as spectacular as they are hot.

Our family’s Indian blood carried this love of spices from the Middle East all the way to the Big West, effectively allowing us to make cuisines that are fusions of grocery-type American food and fresh Indian spices. For example, we’d normally have chicken straight from the fridge, but roasted with generous helpings of chili and turmeric powder.

For a long time, I’ve considered spices only for food. Unfortunately, for some reason, I stopped eating them, and I became a little unhealthy.

I learned of the slimming benefits of spices after being a mother of two and gaining extra weight. After returning to eating spices, within a few weeks’ time, I’ve lost around 40 lbs.! Like before, I’ve been able to manage my appetite, losing gusto as soon as I’m already full. My metabolism also sped up, sustaining my activities and helping me burn down all my excess body fat. Soon, I was back to my slim self, thanks to these spices I’ve loved.

Here are a few of those spices that helped me lose weight: pepper, Sichuan or Chinese peppers, turmeric, saffron, and nutmeg.