How to Eliminate Toxins and Shed Fat with Green Detox Drinks

Podcast_Cleansing1_11aThe human body is like a machine. What you put into it is what you’ll get out of it in a sense. Living in today’s modern society gives us advantages and benefits that our ancestors never had. The way of life was simple then compared to today standards, but one things for sure; illnesses and disease are much greater now than years ago.

The very foods that grow from the earth are now tampered with. Chemicals and pesticides are sprayed on produce and live stock are fed steroids and growth hormones; all attributing to poor health. Human Intervention has caused illness and death. No one will live forever, but there is a way to live a long and healthy life. People have to remove the bad eating habits and implement foods that removes toxins from the body and a great way of doing that is with Green Detoxification Drinks.