How Baking Soda Cures Cancer (and Other Health Conditions)

The Reason Behind Baking Soda’s Curing Abilities

Naturally, baking soda is able to neutralize because it is a form of alkali. This means it can affect the pH levels in your body. In general, your body requires a slightly alkaline pH level (ranging from 7.35 to 7.45) to work properly. When a part of your body has a pH level below 7 (neutral), it is then regarded as acidic. And as mentioned, an acidic state can trigger or worsen a health problem. Cancer is the classic example.

Years ago, Dr. Mark “Marty” Pagel of the University of Arizona conducted a research regarding the possibility of using sodium bicarbonate for breast cancer treatment. He found out that the chemical compound could indeed help by increasing alkalinity in cancer cells and preventing the growth and metastasis of such cells.

Dr. Pagel’s findings were widely accepted, prompting several medical professionals to conduct further studies and consider baking soda in their cancer treatment programs. The formula differs from one doctor to another but the basic ingredients are water and baking soda. To reap its benefits, you simply need to drink a glass of baking soda-infused water every day.

In addition to cancer, baking soda can help prevent the common cold and influenza. It has beneficial effects to people suffering from kidney and liver problems as well.

Knowing how baking soda cures cancer presents another treatment option you may consider for yourself or for a loved one suffering from the said condition. But while it is indeed promising, you should be aware that too much of the chemical compound might cause an imbalance in the body.