How Baking Soda Cures Cancer (and Other Health Conditions)

Normal Cells vs. Abnormal Cells

The normal or healthy cells in the body follow a simple yet systematic pattern: grow, divide, and die. When the cells fail to stick to such path, meaning they grow out of control and/or don’t die, they are considered abnormal ones. Over time, abnormal cells that are close to each other may bond, forming a mass of tissue known as a tumor.

The Ideal Growing Condition for Cancer Cells

Compared to normal cells, abnormal or cancer cells utilize more carbohydrates to fuel their speedy and anomalous growth. During their energy consumption and growth, they release by-products, namely pyruvic and lactic acids. If your body is generally in good condition, it can eliminate such by-products. Otherwise, the acids will amass around the cancer cells, leading to a more acidic environment for them. With such an environment, cancer cells expand more quickly than before.