Healthy Drink For Women – Ideal For Weight Loss, Shiny Skin, Less Cellulite and More

It also improves hormonal balance, helping women in their menopausal stage by reducing night sweats and hot flashes. Flaxseed also helps reduce the risk of breast cancer, ovarian, and even prostate cancer.

Omega-3 is abundant in flaxseed, you are probably aware that best source of omega-3 is fish oil. Flaxseed contains ALA, which is another form of omega-3 fat, making it a great alternative for those with seafood allergy.

In general, the reason flaxseed is becoming increasingly popular in the health market, is because it’s an organic superfood; a tiny seed packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acid, which are all good for the body. So, if you’re looking for a healthy alternative that’s easy to make, you’ll never go wrong with flaxseed water.