Everything You Should Know About Vitamin D Deficiency: Health Effects and Natural Treatment


Mushrooms can also produce vitamin D when exposed to sun’s ultraviolet light. Mushrooms grown in ultraviolet light have higher amount of Vitamin D compared to mushrooms grown in the dark.

Fortified Orange Juice

An 8-oz. glass of fortified juice usually contains 100 IU of vitamin D, depending on the brand. Not all brands are fortified so it is better to always check the label.

Fortified Milk

Many types of cow’s milk are vitamin D fortified. An 8-oz. glass of milk contains 100 IU of vitamin D. You can get your daily recommended dosage of Vitamin D from it.

Cod Liver Oil

A tablespoon of cod liver oil contains 1,300 IU of vitamin D. It is the most abundant source of vitamin D for adults compared to other foods.