Eat Right, Any Time of the Day!

Late Afternoon Snack

It’s normal to feel hunger pangs (again) before dinner, but a cup of coffee at this point just won’t do. Aside from the caffeine keeping you awake (thus making it difficult for you to fall asleep later on), coffee can also cause heartburn since it’s acidic.

Your healthy options, then, would be to munch on a banana or apple, plain popcorn (you can add a tablespoon of melted peanut butter for more flavor), or an ounce of nuts, such as walnut, pecan, and almonds. If you have a sweet tooth, a fruit-and-nut energy bar would also work well in helping you deal with the afternoon slump.

Go Nuts for Your Health

Pre-Dinner, Pre-Workout Fuel

If heading to the gym before dinner is part of your routine, give your body an energetic boost with a healthy smoothie consisting of milk, yogurt, and berries. You can also opt for coconut water, which is filled with electrolytes to keep you hydrated as you sweat it out, and sugar to maintain your energy.

6 Reasons to Include Coconut Water in your Diet