Could This Recipe Be The REAL Key For A Flat Belly?

When you’re super drained from work or school and you need that energy-booster to keep up with your stuff for the rest of the day, you might think a can of Red Bull or Monster can solve your “energy gap” problem. Your favourite drinks can make your body energized, but there’s actually a LOT of sugar in these processed drinks that can add extra layers to your belly.

So if you’re working for your beachbody these days, sitting around for hours at work or school and then gulping energy drinks might just make you cancel your dream beach vacation.

Studies show that it is not healthy at all to overdrink Gatorade, the popular energy drink most commonly consumed by athletes and sports amateurs, because an overdose can lead a person to hospitalization and even result to death. Turns out, hyponatremia happens when you drink too much Gatorade because it over-hydrates your cells and causes dangerously low sodium levels in your body.

Also, every energy drink ever created has more than 50 grams of sugar per regular-sized bottle which causes a critical increase of blood sugar levels. Just imagine the monstrous danger you’re holding in your hand every day.

While there are depressingly many dangerous effects hidden in these energy-drinks, there are also ways to make alternative super drinks that are actually healthy and convenient to make. Apple cider vinegar and honey are one of the best combinations and alternative to energy drinks that can help reduce belly fat and can keep up your energy levels.