Broccoli Sprouts – Good Alternatives to Medicine

Natural Ways of Using Broccoli Sprouts

Properly preparing broccoli sprouts can maximize its health benefits by boosting the nutrient contents.

  1. Eat it steamed.

Steaming optimizes the sulforaphane content of sprouts by removing a sulforaphane-inactivating protein. It is advisable to steam it within less than five minutes. Boiling and microwaving is not recommended.

  1. Eat it blanched.

Another way to cook broccoli sprouts is to blanch it for a few seconds, then immerse it in cold water to stop the cooking process.

  1. Eat it with a Myrosinase-containing food

Myrosinase is an enzyme that converts the chemical glucoraphanin to sulforaphane. Without it, sulforaphane will not be formed. Some food items containing this valuable enzyme include daikon radishes, wasabi, and arugula.

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Properly prepared broccoli sprouts are good alternatives to medicine. It fights common but dangerous health problems including cancer, viral infections, cardiovascular disease, and kidney disease. It is a cheaper, tastier, and more convenient way of solving health issues.