Broccoli Sprouts – Good Alternatives to Medicine

The health industry is a billion dollar business. Hospitals and pharmaceutical laboratories are in demand because of the abundant diseases and illnesses that plague many people. It is not surprising that the cost of medical bills is very high. Because of this, many try to look for alternative ways to cure their health problems. Some go natural and look for cure in plants. Since ancient people used plants to cure diseases before synthetic medicine was discovered, there is no reason why plants could not cure diseases and illnesses today. The quest for the health benefits of plants led to the discovery of broccoli sprouts as an alternative medicine.

Eating broccoli sprouts is recommended because it is packed with valuable nutrients. Sprouts are more potent compared to whole broccoli. It is known that a three-day old broccoli sprout contains 10 – 100 times the amount of health-beneficial compounds found in a mature broccoli.  These compounds are called sulforaphane and glucosinolate glucoraphanin. These chemicals can cure different ailments.