Best Alternatives to Avoid Intelligence-Killing Foods

3.Refined Grains

Excluding whole grains, regular grains are modified from their natural composition. It contains high amount of carbs that leave staggering effects on the brain. According to studies, eating refined grains on a regular basis speeds up the aging process on our body which can trigger early mental deterioration as in Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Best Alternatives for Refined Grains:

Dietary changes can help a lot in keeping you away from debilitating brain diseases.

  • Switch from refined carbs to whole grains such as bucket wheat, brown rice, millet, pasta, and whole-grain bread. These grains are rich in fiber and antioxidants that aid in prevention of diseases.
  • Vegetables are the best option in warding off unnecessary carbs. You can try veggie rice by crushing mixed vegetables in a food processor. Prepare grain-free buns by folding or rolling up your meaty fillings using lettuce wraps.