9 Herbal Approaches to Cleanse Your Lungs and Respiratory System

lung-cleansing-43020151315One of the very few systems in your body that is working on a constant basis is your respiratory system. Even when you hold your breath, your respiratory system is functioning to provide your blood with the oxygen that it has left, stored in special sacks in their tissue. Here, we will not only aim at teaching you the various organs in your respiratory system, but we will also show you 9 amazing herbs that will help cleanse your respiratory system and your lungs from the harmful toxins you are exposed to every day.

Unfortunately, the respiratory system is also the way that dust, fungus, mold, toxins, pollutants and other harmful organisms enter the body. This vicious assault on your body can really wear you down and make you feel sluggish.

If you are experiencing any effects of inhaling toxins, or you just don’t know why you feel sluggish, it may be your respiratory system and lungs causing your sudden drop in energy. Rather than turning to harsh prescription drugs that can cause damage to other organs and build more toxins in your body, there are many herbs and botanicals that help to clean and provide nutrition to the respiratory system.