9 Easy Natural Remedies to Remove Mucus from Your Lungs

9.Chilies – have you ever noticed that your nose runs when you are eating spicy food? This is because the spices help in thinning out the mucus in the lungs. When you have excess mucus, you can expel it easily by adding peppers to your meal. A much more potent solution would be to take a mixture of cayenne pepper, honey, apple cider vinegar, and water three times a day. Just mix all the ingredients in a container and drink two spoonfuls every 8 hours.

There is nothing wrong with seeking to use natural remedies to remove mucus from your lungs rather than going out to your local pharmacy to get medicine for your cough, cold, or flu. These are actually effective and preferable as your first course of action. It is, however, advisable to see your doctor if your condition persists beyond a few days and if symptoms other than excess mucus production are observed.