70 Medicinal Herbs to Sneak Into Your Organic Garden

growing-herbsGrowing medicinal herbs in your own garden is both convenient and efficient. It is a cost-cutting method that will help you save a few bucks than buying over-the-counter medicines to relieve common discomforts. Medicinal herbs are good in a way that they are both natural and organic. However, note that synthetic and laboratory processed medicines are also derived from herbs. Making drug store available medications costs more than growing your own in your garden. However, medicinal herbs need intricate preparation, so you can avoid toxicity, overdosing, and most of all, maintain its potency.

For example, there are various ways to prepare a medicinal plant such as decoction or making it into a poultice. You can also extract its natural oils, create a tincture, and many others. Making and growing your medicinal herbs is indeed fun and cost-effective.