7+ Natural Ways to Use Onion For Beauty, Health and More

5.Onions can cure hair and scalp problems.

An onion’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties can relieve the scalp of itch and infection by fighting hair lice and dandruff, especially if used together with Aloe Vera. Onion actually has Methylsulfonylmethane. It is a highly absorbable source of sulfur, which is abundantly found in the outer layers of an onion. This ingredient greatly aids in the formation of keratin, a vital element which can also cure hair fall problems. A good suggestion on preparing the solution is to mix onions with other beneficial ingredients, like honey.

10 Medicinal Uses of Onions: More Than An Ingredient

6.Onions can kill internal worms.

Onion seeds are guaranteed worm repellants. They kill the unnecessary parasites in the stomach and intestine that can cause diseases. If enough quantity of onion seeds is consumed, it is possible to treat nausea and stomach cramps.