7 Natural Ways to Solve the Winter Itchy Skin

How can winter skin/winter itch be cured?

Like other skin ailments, winter skin or winter itch may be cured by skincare products containing some chemical compounds; or, you may stick to the safe side and get yours cured by these natural remedies:

Papaya, Banana, Honey! Three delicacies and flavors that tickle the taste buds, and can be used a mask for your winter skin. In order to create the remedy, you must first mash a slice of papaya and a banana until no lumps remain. After this, add two tablespoons of honey, and there you go! Apply the substance onto the parts of your skin affected by the ailment.

Milk & Almond. Tasty flavors of ice cream concoctions, yet can be used as a cure for your skin problem. In order to create the paste remedy, mix a tablespoon of almond powder and two tablespoons of raw milk. After doing so, apply it onto the affected area for about ten minutes. Massage gently. After this, you may now gently wash the paste off your skin. Never use this if you are allergic to dairy products.