7 Benefits of Eating Watermelon in the Summer

While summer is one season a lot of people look forward to for the fun and relaxation it brings, it also comes with discomfort for some people who dislike the heat. Aside from discomfort, the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun cause potential dangers to the body. Fortunately, nature and manmade tools are available to combat these effects, such as sunglasses, window shades, air-conditioning, sunblock, and even food.

One of the most popular summer foods is watermelon. Aside from being refreshing and delicious, the health benefits of watermelon make it the best summer fruit. It is known for being rich in nutrients the body needs and prevents heart diseases and even cancer. But there must be one or a few other reasons why it is famous for summer. Here are some of them and why people should eat more watermelon during this season: