26 Natural Uses of Aloe Vera For Health, Beauty and Household

aloeHomemade Remedies

Many of the treatments of aloe vera can be done by applying the gel of the plant directly onto the affected area. However, to use aloe vera to the best of its abilities, it can be combined with other natural ingredients. Here are a few aloe vera treatments that can be made at home:

1.Hair Pack

Aloe vera combined with coconut oil will make a great hair pack. These two ingredients are great for making hair smooth and bouncy. The pack should be used once a week and should be left as long as possible for a more satisfying result.

2.Burn Healer

Storing an aloe vera burn healer in the refrigerator can come in handy in cases of burns in the kitchen. A mixture of aloe vera gel and vitamin E will soothe the heat damaged skin.

3.Exfoliating Foot Mask

Four tablespoons of aloe vera gel and half a cup each of oatmeal, corn meal, and unscented body lotion will make a good foot mask. The mixture should be rubbed onto the foot and left for as long as possible for baby soft skin.

4.Dandruff Solution

Aloe vera juice mixed with coconut milk and wheat germ oil can help eliminate dandruff. The mixture should be massaged onto the scalp regularly for quick results.