26 Natural Uses of Aloe Vera For Health, Beauty and Household

benefits-of-aloe-veraTopical Treatments

There’s more to aloe vera’s healing properties than soothing burns and hydrating dry skin.  There are some other skin conditions that can be treated topically with aloe vera.  This gel-like substance can:

  • prevent scars and treats wounds and minor cuts
  • reduce the appearance of stretch lines
  • relieve sunburns and insect bites
  • eliminate eczema
  • help in treating athlete’s foot
  • shrink warts
  • speed up hair growth
  • alleviate skin asthma.
  • treat minor vaginal irritations
  • brighten the skin
  • help heal herpes outbreaks
  • soothe psoriasis
  • help get rid of rosacea
  • banish bruises
  • heal allergic skin reactions