25 Wonderful Uses of Lemon Essential Oil


16.Glass Cleaner: In a spray bottle with water, just add lemon essential oil, then directly spray on the glass.

17.Toilet Bowl Sanitizer and Cleaner: Mixed with baking soda, lemon essential oil is also great for cleaning and sanitizing the toilet bowl.

18.Rug Cleaner: A drop of lemon essential oil on water in a bowl can kill germs when you soak the rags overnight.

19.Freshens the Air: Add drops of lemon oil in a water sprayer; it will give a natural awesome scent when you spray it in the room.

20.Laundry freshener: Just add a few drops of lemon oil to your laundry soap; it will give a fresh scent to your clothes.

21.Removes Grease: It removes grease on any household material.

22.Wood Cleaner: A few drops of lemon oil mixed with olive oil can be used as a wood cleaner and a polisher.

23.Insect Repellant: When mixed with coconut oil, it will produce a scent that repels mosquitoes when applied to your skin.

24.Hand Sanitizer: Before eating or after using the bathroom, you can drop lemon oil in the palm of your hands for sanitation.

25.Enhance the Taste of the Water: One to three drops of lemon oil could improve the taste of the water you are drinking.