25 Wonderful Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

oily-skin8.Anti Acne Agent: Apply with cotton balls; place three drops of lemon essential oil on it and rub on the affected area. Repeat procedure three times a day.

9.Anti Fatigue: Put five drops of lemon essential oil in a piece of cloth. Hold with your hands and directly under the nose, and inhale the scent for up to two minutes.

10.Antiseptic: Lemon essential oil can treat minor wounds; just put five drops of lemon essential oil in a container with three ounces of water, dip in a sterilized cloth into the mixture you have prepared, then wipe the wound until it is totally clean.

11.For Removal of Callouses, Corns and Warts: Simply apply concentrated lemon essential oil to the affected area two times a day until it is gone.

12.Get rid of Canker Sores: Using a shot glass of water, put a drop of lemon essential oil on it and then use it as a gargle for several minutes to treat canker sores.

13.Treatment of Cold Sores and Fever Blisters: Put a drop of lemon essential oil directly into the cold sores two to three times daily, or mix it first with a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil if it feels painful.

14.Prevention of Psoriasis: Apply lemon essential lemon oil to the affected areas of the skin two to three times a day using a roller ball.

15.Prevent Nail Fungus: Just put a couple of drops on the nail several times daily. It may take months to treat the fungus.