25 Wonderful Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

little_known_benefits_lemon_essential_oilHealth and Restoration

1.Relieves Sore Throat: Mix two to three drops of lemon essential oil with hot tea or hot water with honey to relieve sore throat.

2.For Cough, Colds and as Decongestant: Apply lemon essential oil on the chest and throat to relieve congestion. It can also be spread out through the air to help ease respiratory issues.

3.Get Rid of Runny Nose: This is very effective. Put a small amount of lemon essential oil in your hands, wet your fingertips and rub it to your nose.

4.Used as Antihistamine to Stop Allergies and Hay Fever: Put a drop of lemon essential oil at the back of the ears or under the nose two to three times per day to prevent intermittent allergies due to climate changes.

5.Promotes High Energy: Mix a few drops of both lemon and peppermint essential oil with water for a quick boost in energy level.

6.Toothbrush Sanitizer: Drop a small amount of lemon essential oil on a toothbrush and move it around in water to sanitize it quickly.

7.Bad Breath: In four ounces of warm water, place four drops of lemon essential oil. Use it as a gargle to promote fresh breath as well as to avoid bad breath.